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Color of Law - admin - 11-21-2007

All governments today act under color of law, meaning pretense of law, because some of their policies are unconscionable.

RE: Color of Law - nikdevid - 11-29-2009

Hi Dear.

I have recently joined this site and this is a nice idea for providing us information about this law. Would you mind to let us know more about this? Thanks!

RE: Color of Law - admin - 11-30-2009

Look up "color of law", "color of office", "color of title", etc. in a law dictionary such as Black's Law Dictionary, 5th edition, or Google these terms. You are in for a surprise.

RE: Color of Law - Rancor - 01-26-2010

"Color of law" does not inherently imply illegal behavior as defined, since all government action appears to be legal, whether it is illegal or not. The source of the original poster's confusion is that "color of law" is used regarding situations where law enforcement officers, prosecutors, and other officials commit illegal acts under the auspices of their official duties. The term is never used by official sources to describe legislative action, and in situations where legislative actions are deemed unconstitutional "color of law" has not been used. There is no evidence--either credible or incredible offered by the affirmative--to suggest that "all governments" operate generally under illegal authority disguised. And whether a government’s actions are "conscionable" does not factor into whether it is illegal. Democracy relies on voters to bring the law into alignment with ethics, but that does not omit the possibility that unethical government action is legal.

RE: Color of Law - admin - 01-26-2010

All dictators have "legal" systems. A legislature can be a dictator also. So we had better be concerned with conscionable law. The worst "legal" systems have the most unconscionable "laws". Our "legal" system has some unconscionable "laws", which is why our legal system, Federal , State, County, and City is called Color Of Law.

The Court, in defining Color of Law in Timson v. Weiner, D.C.Ohio, 395 F. Supp. 1344, said, "As used in Civil Rights Act means same thing as "state action".

The Court, in Thompson v. Baker, D.C.Ark., 133 F.Supp. 247, said, "and means pretense of law and includes actions of officers who undertake to perform their official duties".

Title 42, U.S.C.A. Section 1983 defines color of law: Acts "under color of any Law" of a State include not only acts done by State officials within the bounds or limits of their lawful authority, but also acts done without and beyond the bounds of their lawful authority";

The above definitions of Color Of Law are in Black's Law Dictionary, 5th edition.

RE: Color of Law - derrensmiths - 01-27-2010

Hi admin.
Thanks for the post and the definition of Color of Law.

RE: Color of Law - chase2boyd - 04-05-2011

Still didn't get the meaning of color of law. Does it mean nature of the laws in different situations? I mean how it is imposed.

RE: Color of Law - chase2boyd - 04-05-2011

Still didn't get the meaning of color of law. Can you explain a bit more?

RE: Color of Law - admin - 04-05-2011


The meaning of color of law is a great question. Let's discuss what the true law is, as opposed to color (pretense) of law. We do not create the direction in our mind. We only chose among the various directions which are offered in our mind. An intelligence other than us creates and offers the proper direction, and an intelligence other than us creates and offers improper direction, such as destructive compulsions, resentments, etc. We call the source (the creator) of proper direction God. It follows that God supplies the true law. The true law is God's Law. Color of law is man making rules that are not God's direction but are convenient rules for the men who make them. All dictators, for instance, have a "legal" (color of law) system. I would submit that a percentage of laws in most color of law systems are proper laws. The Bible says be still and know (God's Law). A jury of people who can receive God's Law is a proper way to impose God's Law (a jury of God given conscience). Hopefully, the public and government is receptive enough of God's direction to choose a proper jury.

RE: Color of Law - admin - 06-14-2012

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